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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

How to Critique a Research Paper for Undergraduate Level?

December 15, 2021 0
Critique a Research Paper
Critiquing a research paper for the undergraduate level is not too difficult as it is almost same as writing a PhD dissertation. The complexity level is less in undergraduates than for a doctorate. Though the complexity is less, you still have to follow some steps to critique a research paper. Today, I will discuss the steps that a researcher needs to follow. These should be ensured before critiquing a research paper. Also, what are some of the things that he needs to consider?

Before we jump into the steps, let’s define critique. A critique critically evaluates a research paper, and reflects upon it. A critique is a written analysis of a research paper. The important task here is identifying strengths and weaknesses of the research paper. A critique also assesses how well the author of the research paper interprets his sources. To critique a research paper, an individual should be a critical thinker as well.

Key Aspects of a Critique

As described earlier, there are some aspects that you need to consider to critique a research paper. They are four in number. A brief description of the four key aspects of a critique are as follows;

Understanding the Purpose and Problem

The first key element that you need to consider to critique a research paper is understanding the problem. A thorough understanding of the purpose and problem of the paper is crucial. It is because this thorough understanding will help you in writing an effective critique. You should read the whole research paper first. It will allow you to get an entire sense of the study, and its contribution to scientific knowledge as well. While critiquing a research paper, you need to ask yourself the following questions;
  • What is the whole phenomenon of the study?
  • Do the purpose and problem match with the research questions?
  • Are ethical considerations included within the research paper?

In this part, you will find an answer to these questions. The answers are themselves critique. Thus, you always start to critique a research paper by understanding the purpose of the study.

Determining the Application of Methodology

The next step is determining whether proper methodology is applied or not? It is necessary to allocate because it directly relates to the research questions. The methodology of a research paper answers the research question. In simple words, a methodology involves the nuts and bolts of a research paper.

To critique a research paper, the researcher also needs to understand the methods applied properly. The data collection methods can be secondary, or primary. So having a thorough knowledge of the methodology used is vital to critique a research paper. A researcher should ask himself the following questions for determining the methodology’s application;
  • Is research methodology described in the research paper?
  • Are data collection methods described within the paper?
  • Are the data collection methods appropriate for the study?

The researcher needs to find answers to these questions. The answers to these questions are themselves critiqued within a research paper. Hence, to critique a research paper, determining the application of the methodology is crucial.

Assessing the Outcomes and Conclusions

The third aspect of critiquing a research paper is the assessment of outcomes, and conclusions. The outcomes of research papers should be believable. The researcher finds out whether findings support the outcomes or not. To critique a research paper, the researcher needs to find relation between outcomes, and the study’s purpose. He can only critique a paper effectively when he asks himself these questions;
  • Are the research questions addressed within outcomes of the paper?
  • Are findings of the study clearly described?
  • Do outcomes and conclusions of the study match with the study’s purpose?
Answering these questions will enable the researcher to write an effective critique. Hence assessing outcomes and conclusions of the study is a vital part of critique.


Discussion on Overall Research Paper

The main purpose of critiquing a research paper is to test its strengths and weaknesses. A researcher will also critique the overall quality, and limitations of the study. He will do this, keeping in view the purpose of the study. The researcher should ask himself these questions.
  • How do the research’s results fit into the research?
  • What are limitations of the study?
  • Are there any recommendations for practical application of the study? Hence, to critique a research paper, a researcher needs to consider the study’s limitations as well.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Significance of Writing a Top Quality Business Research Paper

May 03, 2016 0
Business Research Paper
Businesses are very important part of our everyday life and economy and without a good business to support, no economy would survive and its people would not be able to live a good life. Students get their degrees in business so that they can understand the intricate laws and the complex ways of how things move forward in completing research paper and how the world economy could be better managed.

This has made business studies a very important program all over the world and students work hard day and night to seek admission into the best college and university where they can get a masters degree in business for a bright and lucrative future. However, getting a business degree is not so easy and it also needs some good efforts and the biggest effort of all is writing a quality business research paper for their teacher that can help them get a degree on the right time with distinction.

No matter in which part of the world the students are living and whichever business they want to join or start, business studies play a very key role in education. Writing a brilliant business research papers ensures that they are actually getting to know what they have understand about this complex subject and how they will be able to do in future. It is all about understanding and presenting it to the teachers. This article explains the significance of writing a top quality business research paper and how it can help students. The challenge lies in the students understanding of the purpose of the paper and how well they define the objectives to develop an effective strategy towards the subject.

How a Business Research Paper Helps Students in Their Class:
The main purpose of writing a good business research paper is for students to showcase their understanding of what they have read and understood in their studies. They can also demonstrate other related skills that include research, writing and editing, as they cannot work on their business papers if their other related skills are not good. The students can also display their intelligence and their power to grasp and reproduce when working on their business research papers. All their skills are integrated together when they are writing a top quality and custom paper with help of online writing services and go a long way in helping them secure better marks in their class.

Students need to remember that they should not forget the subject and the topic that they are working on as it would help them move forward and take things seriously. Writing a good business research paper is very significance because it helps the teachers to understand the abilities and the skills of the students and judge them on their personal excellence and checkout if the students are ready to make their place in the professional world or not. It is all about how students take their assignments and how they work on it that they can increase the significance of their paper and ensure better results in class.