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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Artificial Intelligence as a Subject: Scope And Career Opportunities

July 24, 2019 0
"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is estimated to pave way for close to 2.3 million opportunities by the year 2020". ( The reason behind this is that more intelligent machines, robots are being created and this is a most modern development which is going to influence our lives in next few decades.

Artificial Intelligence as a Subject: Scope And Career Opportunities

An essential area of computer science in which such machines are prepared that work and react just like human beings are known as artificial intelligence. Nowadays, with the help of artificial intelligence, we are able to perform different activities like speech reorganization, learning, planning and problem-solving. The main aim of artificial intelligence is to create intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence is a very technical subject and lots of students are getting degrees in artificial intelligence. While getting artificial intelligence degree, the students should have enough idea about the scope and career opportunities that they can avail after completing the artificial intelligence degree. The scope and career opportunities of artificial intelligence are explained below; 

1) Machine learning engineer

After completing the artificial intelligence degree, the students can start their career as a machine learning engineer. A machine learning engineer can earn up to $115,000 annually. The main aim of a machine learning engineer is to provide a platform for the management and completion of the machine learning projects. In order to become a machine learning engineer, it is necessary for the students that they have in-depth knowledge about programming languages like Java, Python and Scala etc.

2) Data scientist

Artificial intelligence degree also allows the students to start their professional careers as data scientists. The main aim of a data scientist is to collect and analyze the large and complex databases of the machines. As a data scientist, you can earn up to $120,000 annually. The students who want to start their career as data scientist should feel it a comfort to use some big data tools like Hive, Hadoop and Spark etc. They should also have command on the programming languages of the computer. The companies also give preference to those candidates who have enough knowledge about the machines.

3) Business intelligence developer

The main aim of business intelligence developer is to enhance the efficiency and profitability of a business. The annual median salary of a business intelligence developer is up to $100,000. Business intelligence developers are also responsible for the designing and modelling of the complex data of the machines. The companies give preference to those candidates who have availed the best analytical and technical skills in the field of computer science. As the demands of artificial machines are increasing day by day, therefore, business intelligence developers will be in high demand.

4) Research scientist

The job of the research scientist is known as one of the leading job opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence. In order to become a research scientist, you will have to get expertise in various subjects like applied mathematics and computational statistics. You should also have deep knowledge about the machines. The annual median salary of a research scientist is almost $99,000. While hiring research scientists, most of the companies try to find such candidates who have in-depth knowledge about different aspects of artificial intelligence.

5) Robotics programmer

It is a fact that robots are taking the positions of human beings at workplaces. That’s why lots of companies require robotic scientists to ensure the functions of these robots. In order to avail of this job opportunity, it is necessary for the students to avail artificial intelligence degree in robotics. As a robotic programmer, the students can get the median salary of almost $99,000.

6) Data mining analyst

Most of the industries are incorporating a huge amount of data in their businesses and their customers are facing lots of research trends in their businesses. Due to this reason, companies require data mining analysts. In order to avail this post, it is necessary for the students that they should have enough idea about the different coding languages. As a data mining analyst, the students can get the median salary of almost $95,000.

7) Software engineer

After getting a degree in artificial intelligence, the students can also start their jobs as a software engineer. These software engineers are helpful for companies to build such software that can run different kinds of artificial machines. Big companies like Google also hire software engineers.


An essential subject area in which the students are taught to build such machines that can work and react just like human beings are known as artificial intelligence. After getting a degree in artificial intelligence, the students can avail different job opportunities like they can start their career as machine learning engineer, data scientist, business intelligence developer, research scientist, robotics programmer, data mining analyst and software engineer etc. In order to avail these job opportunities, the students should have enough command on their subject.

About the Author

Sofia David is a researcher and retired educationist. She has keen interest in technology and its latest developments. She works with a coursework writing service provider company as professional editor. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Why Has The Number Of Non-UK Students Increased?

March 21, 2018 0
During the recent years, the number of the non-UK students has increased a lot. According to the official calculations, almost 81% students who are studying in the different universities, colleges, and schools of the UK belong to the UK. The 6% students belong to the rest of Europe. On the other hand, the 16% students belong to the different areas of the world outside of Europe. There are more than 40 thousand students who are studying and researching in the different kinds of the higher degrees belong to outside of Europe. Most of the non-UK students try to write their academic papers from the UK-based academic writing services in order to meet the requirements of the UK-based professors. Here, we will discuss the actual causes of increasing the non-UK students. 

1) The high quality of the education

The UK is the best place to acquire the high quality of the education. The best institutions that are ensuring the best quality of the education in the UK are Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, University of Bristol, University of St Andrews, Lough borough University, and so on. These best institutes in the world provide the best opportunities for the students to develop various types of the skills, to acquire knowledge in your area of interest, and to enhance their critical thinking skills. Moreover, these universities also provide a lot of scholarships to the students that become the cause of their attraction towards the UK-based universities.

2) Academic benefits

There are a lot of academic benefits for the non-UK students in order acquire a degree from the best universities and colleges in the UK. First of all, you will be able to get a well-recognized degree. Secondly, the universities in the UK are offering the courses almost in all the subjects. Therefore, your choice is not limited. Thirdly, along with the knowledge, you will also be able to acquire the best skills. At last, the residents of the UK behave with the non-UK students in an effective way.

3) Financial benefits

The UK-based universities and colleges are not only providing the academic benefits rather than you will also be able to acquire the best financial benefits with the help of these institutions. The financial benefits of the UK-based universities are that almost all the universities in the UK provide the courses at the most affordable prices. After choosing an affordable university in order to get a degree, the next thing is the place of accommodation. The expenditures of the accommodation for the students are also moderate.

4) Other benefits

Along with these benefits, the students also acquire a lot of other benefits that are becoming the cause of their attraction towards the UK-based universities. These benefits are given below;

A) The students are able to acquire the degrees from the best universities in the world

B) These universities allow the students to acquire the doctoral degrees in almost all the fields

C) The students are able to acquire the best opportunities to improve their English speaking skills

D) The students are also able to get an idea about the UK’s culture

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Math Coursework - Why You Need to Get Help from Writers

October 28, 2017 0
Math Coursework - Why You Need to Get Help from Writers
 If you have been assigned a math coursework, you need to know that the only way you can succeed in class is by getting help from writers who are talented and experienced and know how to work on such as assignment the best way. No matter in which part of the world you live or study or in which subject you are working hard to get your degree, you get assignments to write and a math coursework can be a bit difficult assignment to tackle for many students due to its complicated theorems and formulas.
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There are so many students who are looking forward to getting their degree in math and want to move forward in life with a good job and professional career but completing a math assignment the right way can be a bit tough for them. It is not because they are not talented or trained enough but it is because they lack the time that is needed to complete these long and complex papers and in the end they must seek some good help.

The best thing about getting help from writers is that they are experts of their field and they already hold their degrees in math. These experts can provide you best coursework writing services to get success. They understand the subject inside out and they have full command over anything and everything that is related to this great subject and they make sure that every student gets the most satisfactory solution coming to them.

When completing their math coursework, students have to focus on a lot of things from theories to calculations and formulas and sometimes it becomes very tough for them to keep a check on everything especially when they have lesser time and very little experience of doing it all. they fear that they will not be able to do a good job on their coursework and the best thing to do in this regard is to seek help from the most professional and reliable writers who work hard day and night to make things work out for students most effectively.

Students have a choice to select the best writer who can do a great job on their math coursework as this will help them in the long run. It is because he better writer they choose for their coursework, the better outcome they will get and it will enable them to get their degree on time and find the best jobs in their professional careers.  Math coursework is indeed tough and it should not be taken lightly as this is the only way students can prove themselves in class and enjoy good results.

It is only their need to excel and move forward in the class and later in their lives that students need to seek help from expert writers to work on their math coursework. They must understand how they can progress in class as it will help them immensely in working on their coursework for better results most easily. 

List of Freeware Software That You Can Use for Statistical Analysis

October 28, 2017 0
List of Freeware Software That You Can Use for Statistical Analysis
When it comes to statistical analysis, the students are required to work really hard and make sure they complete their assignments the right way using the best software that enable them to succeed in their class. There are many students who are unable to use the available software because they are too expensive and they cannot afford to purchase them.
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Before getting to know about the software that can be used for statistical analysis, it is necessary to know what statistical analysis is all about and how these projects should be dealt with. In simple words, statistical analysis a component of data analytics. When we talk about business intelligence, statistical analysis involves collecting and scrutinizing every data sample in a set of items from which samples can be drawn. When we talk about statistical terms, it is a representative selection drawn from a total population. Statistics is closely related to our lives and it is used in homes to businesses and even in our educational institutes where students use it to come up with data and analysis.

Students need to know that statics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. When we apply statics to any field be it scientific, industrial, or social, it is important to begin with a statistical population or a statistical model process to be studies.  Statistics deals with all aspects of data including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.

What is Statistical Analysis and Why it Needs Software
Statistical analysis can be defined as the science of collecting, exploring and presenting large amounts of data to discover underlying patterns and trends. Statistics are applied on daily basis in research, industry and government to get more scientific decisions that need to be made.

Even though Microsoft Excel can be used as basic statistical analysis software, yet it does not provide assistance to a more serious analysis user who needs specialized software such as SPSS, Eviews or Stata. These programs are expensive and not everyone can afford to get them easily. Fortunately, there are plenty of free alternatives that can be used and they provide equally good results for students. Here is a list of the most popular free software for statistical analysis.

The R Project for Statistical Computing
R is the most widely used free statistical environment and it can be used for various type of analysis as it has a large community and numerous packages. Learning to use it requires a bit of programming knowledge from students but there are plenty of tutorials and online courses available that will help students out in this time. It is highly recommended free software as it is slowly becoming the standard in many professional data analytics communities.

This is a free alternative for SPSS, and a mature project that can be used very effectively for regression analysis, non-parametric tests, T-tests, cluster analysis and lot more. It supports over 1 billion variables and it can be used for statistical analysis by students very easily.

this is another free software for statistical analysis and a free alternative to Eviews. It can be used for a wide range of econometric analyses, data series and regression just the way students want it.
MicrOsiris is a lightweight freeware as it can perform all sorts of data analysis most competently.

This is one completely free add-in for Excel and it can be used for multivariate descriptive data analysis and multiple linear regression analysis.

MacAnova was developed by a group of experts at the University of Minnesota and it can be used very effectively for statistical analysis and matrix algebra for all the students who need free edition for statistical analysis.

GNU Octave
This tool is an excellent alternative to Matlab. It be used for multiple numerical computations as well as it great data visualization assistance.

This tool is a successor to a couple of other statistical environments. It can be used the right way for mathematical analysis, visualization and much more making it easy for students to focus on all their statistical analysis tasks free of cost.

Finding the best as well as the cheapest software for statistical analysis becomes too tough for students because they will not know if it will work the right way or not. These free software for statistical analysis help students complete their assignments and succeed the right way in their class.