Planning and Writing a Good Undergraduate Assignment

Undergraduate Assignment
Planning is a crucial part of writing a good undergraduate assignment. It helps you to understand your task and help you to manage your time according to the requirements of the particular task. The undergraduate assignments not only enhance your learning skills but provide you opportunities to prepare for the difficult tasks ahead. Thus it is essential to start your work with proper planning so that you may end with an organized and coherent argument. You need to consider the following steps as shared by experts of assignment writing services while planning and writing a good undergraduate assignment.

Analyse and understand your Topic:

Before writing about a particular topic first you need to know what it means. Analyse it carefully to understand what the basic requirements of the topic are. Focus on questions like: what is the topic about? What does it highlights? What do you have to do to establish a meaningful argument? These questions will provide you useful insights regarding your topic. While comprehending the various dimensions of topic look for the instructional words like describe, analyse, and contrast etc. to determine your direction. Analyse the difficult words and understand their meanings and pin point the topic words that provide you information about what you have to write about.

Draft an outline:

Devising an outline for your assignment is an important feature of planning. An outline provides the basic structure of your assignment. By following the outline you will stay focused throughout your task. Your outline should highlight the important aspects of your assignment that you will elaborate during your writing. It is basically a foundation on the basis of which you will be able to establish a solid argument. While drafting an outline you must check that you have incorporated all the major areas and essential elements of the topic.


After analysing the topic and devising an outline, now it is time for you to find relevant and reliable information about the topic. You can use various sources for this purpose. Utilize some time in research so that you cover all the important aspects of your topic. The questions that you formulated in for understanding you topic can be helpful at this stage. You can use these questions to extract information from the various sources. In the process of research you must check the reliability and validity of the sources to extract information to achieve desired results.


Once you have collected relevant information on your topic now it is time to bring it altogether and start writing your assignment. Create your first draft by using the outline and discuss the main elements of your research question. At this stage it is not necessary that you produce 100% accurate script. You don’t need to spend too much time on the first draft as it will change after editing and proofreading. If you are facing difficulty in writing introduction in the start, you can write it at end.

Organize your information in logical arguments with each paragraph representing a separate idea and that supports the thesis statement. After completing the first draft, revise it to spotlight any flaws in your writing. This will help you to cover the gaps in your writing. Make sure that you have established a coherent structure through and presented your ideas in an organized manner.

Edit and Proofread:

Editing and proofreading will provide you opportunities to enhance the quality of your work. Some time students don’t pay attention to these tasks which results in some poor grades. Thus it is very important to revisit and review your work. First you need to analyse that whether you have been successful in establishing a strong argument regarding your topic. Have you considered each aspect of the topic? Focus on the content and whether it is logically organized. Check your references and analyse that whether you have acknowledged all the sources.

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Now highlight any type of language issues and check for grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t rely too much on the spell checker in this regard. Have you been able to fulfill the basic requirements of the task? Have you used the correct format and referencing style? You need to go through the instructions provided along the assignment to check for the basic requirements of your work. In order to write your undergraduate assignment effectively, it is necessary to focus on planning your task. Utilize some time in effective planning and you will be able to overcome all the challenges that you have to face in completion of your task.
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