5 Top Reasons to Include Video Content on Your Social Media Pages

Include Video Content
Social media marketing has become the best marketing strategy to promote the products or services of a company. While doing social media marketing, you can share textual content, images and videos but videos are considered as the best content to get success in social media marketing. It is also observed that the viewers of branding videos are increased on Facebook as well as on Youtube. That’s why almost all the businessmen are leveraging video content on social media to promote their products and services. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the top five reasons to include video content on your social media pages.

Video Marketing Can Explain Everything:As a businessman, if you have launched a new product or service, you should create a video about how it works. After creating this video, you should upload it on your social media page. This video will engage more and more customers and these customers will also tell their friends that they have learned about this product or service by watching an explainer video. That’s why more than 80% businessmen are saying that they have added explainer video on their homepage and it is getting best responses from the viewers. While creating an explainer video, you should be focused on its content. Nowadays, the best ways to explain everything about your products or services in a video is to create an animated video.

Its reason is that an animated video can explain such concepts that can’t be explained with the help of live videos. These animated videos are also a combination of entertainment and simplicity. You can also add a component of nostalgia in an animated video. It is possible for you explain each and everything about your products and services just within five minutes videos. On the other hand, if you try to explain the features of your products or services by creating a lengthy post, it will not be engaging for readers. Moreover, readers will also face some problems to understand each and everything relevant to your products or services by reading textual content.

Videos Engage Even The Laziest Buyers:There are some businessmen who rely on the textual content rather than videos while marketing their products and services. While sharing textual content, they face some problems like they are not able to engage the laziest buyers. The only solution to this problem is to share video content because videos are considered as great tools of learning for buyers. Its reason is that it is easy for viewers to consume any kind of information by watching a video. Nowadays, we can see that life is very fast and people don’t have enough time to read lengthy posts to get an idea about the features of a particular product or service. That’s why modern customers want to see products or services in action. Video marketing is helpful for businessmen to capture all levels of buyers. While creating videos, you just need to know that you are not only targeting the eyes of buyers but you are also targeting the ears of buyers. This will provide you with a double competitive advantage.

The Video Encourages Social Shares:If you have shared an interesting video on your page, after watching your video, the viewers try to share it on their personal profiles or groups. As a result, your video will get more and more engagement. If you want to increase the engagement of your videos, you should share emotional videos. Its reason is that most people try to share emotions rather than facts. Anyhow, if you have maintained a page for the promotion of your business, you should share branded videos on this page because more than 70% people have said that they like to share such branded videos with their friends that are entertaining for them. Therefore, while creating videos for the promotion of your products and services, you should also try to create fun in your videos. On the other hand, if you have created conventional and boring videos for the promotion of your products or services, viewers will never try to share your videos with their friends.

Video Appeals To Mobile Users:According to the report of Google, Smartphone users are twice than TV users and 1.4 times than desktop users. It means that more and more people are connecting on different social media sites via Smartphones. Moreover, it is also estimated that almost 90% of consumers of a company are using mobile phones to watch their videos. It is also a fact that videos and mobiles go hand in hand. If you are sharing video content on your pages, it means that you are targeting a wide range of consumers. This growth of mobile phone users is also demanding that brands should try to share the best quality content for them. Its reason is that while watching videos on mobile phones, they have lots of choices and if your video is not interesting for them, they can move to another page for more interesting video content. Moreover, video ads are also more engaging for customers than textual ads.

Video Boosts Conversation And Sales: Video content is also helpful to you to generate some extra revenue. Its reason is that if you add video content on your page, your conversation rate will be increased up to 80%. Video content is also a lasting positive impact on direct sales of products. According to research, if you upload an explainer video on your page, more than 70% viewers of the explainer videos will try to buy your products. Therefore, the only way to get success in video content is to create engaging content for your videos. If you are wondering about the success of video content, you should understand vision is our dominant sense. That’s why video content is also dominating on other forms of content. Along with these benefits, there are also some essential benefits of video content like it is the best way to build the trust of the viewers, video content is loved by Google because it increases the time spent by visitors on your site and video content is in trending.
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