Dissertation Defense: Tips By Experts

Dissertation Defense
After a long and arduous dissertation writing process, it is also necessary for the students to defend their dissertation before the committee members. A dissertation defence consists of two parts. First of all, you have to prepare a presentation about your dissertation. Secondly, you will have to provide the answers to the questions of the committee members. If a student fails in the dissertation defence, he/she will have to repeat it. Therefore, the students should try to defend their dissertation with full preparation. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will provide some essential tips to prepare you for the dissertation defence.

Prepare a professional presentation: While defending your presentation, you are going to share important information. Therefore, your presentation should be professional. Moreover, you should also try to prepare a presentation in the form of a story because it will be easy for you to present your dissertation in the form of a story. Some essential tips to prepare a professional presentation are given below;
  • Frame your story: One can easily frame his story in the form of a presentation by narrowing down the purpose of his dissertation, by identifying his audience, by choosing the main points of his dissertation, by deciding some essential tips to convey these points, by opening your presentation with the help of a hook, by using your main points in order to weave your story and by closing your presentation by explaining your original purpose.
  • Design your slides: The students can easily design their slides by searching free templates, by starting the presentation with the help of title slides, by adding some supporting slides, by proofreading the slides carefully and by saving these slides in the multiple formats.
  • Practice your presentation: As we have discussed earlier that you will have to defend your dissertation before the committee members, therefore, after preparing the presentation, you should also try to practice your dissertation. For this reason, you should try to go through the presentation several times, you should recruit the practice audience and you should learn how to limit your body language and hand gestures.

Prepare the answers to the questions of the committee members: After the presentation, the committee members will ask some questions about your dissertation. You will have to provide answers to these questions. One can easily prepare the answers to these questions by following these essential tips;
  • First, he should take an overview of his work. He should clearly understand the main points, results and research methodology of his dissertation. Its reason is that mostly the committee members ask questions about these things.
  • While practising a presentation before your friends, you should allow them to ask some questions. You should try to provide answers to these questions and if you don’t know the answers to some questions, you should discuss these questions with someone else.
  • While giving answers to the questions, you should remain cool and relax. There is no need to feel pressure on your mind.
  • You should take help from your advisor. He can provide you with the possible answers which will be asked by the committee members.
  • You can also discuss some difficult points of your dissertation with your supervisor.
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