How To Collect And Use Your Own Data - Primary Research

A broad field of inquiry that usually collects the data by conducting interviews, surveys, and observations is known as primary research. The primary research method is also known as the direct research method. The primary research methodology is usually helpful to understand the different behaviours, attitudes as well as motivations rather than providing the answers to those questions that start with When, Why, and How. No doubt, to gather the data by adopting the primary research methodology is a little bit more difficult than the secondary research methodology. Here, we will provide some important tips to the students to collect and use their own data by adopting the primary research methodology.
Tips to collect the data by adopting a primary research methodology

As we have discussed earlier that the primary research is a proprietary research and it is necessary for a researcher to gather the data from the primary resources only. The most important tips to collect the data are given below;

1) The first step to gather the data by adopting the primary research methodology is to find out an appropriate research question. This research question should be clear and easily manageable. The best way to find out such a research question is to get an idea about the potential outcomes of your research. If you are not able to find out such an interesting topic, then you can get help from the dissertation paper writing services.

2) There is no need to commence the process of gathering the data for your academic paper without getting an idea that what is written by the other people about that topic and what are possible ways to distinguish your research from them. The best ways to get the answers to these questions is to do as much literature review as you can.

3) You should also take a review that whether is it useful to use the primary research methodology in order to get the required answers to your research questions or not.

4) After getting an idea about all of these things, now, there comes the actual process of collecting the data. As we know that there are various ways to gather the data by adopting the primary research methodology like a direct conversation, participant conversation, conducting the interviews as well as surveys, and making the analysis of the documents. You should try to select one of them according to your interests.

5) After collecting the data by using a method according to your desires, the next step is to analyze that data. The best methods to analyze the data are Coding, Semiotic analysis and so on. You can also analyze your data by selecting an appropriate technique.

Tips to use your selected data

After gathering and analyzing the data that you have collected by adopting the qualitative research methodology, the next step is to write down that data in the best structure and the format. The structure and the format to write down the data vary from one type of the academic paper to the other type of the academic paper. For example, the structure and format of writing essays are totally different from writing the dissertations. Moreover, there is also a little bit different about the structure and format of the academic paper in the different universities as well as in the different research disciplines. Therefore, you should take a review of the requirements about the structure before writing down that data.
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